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15 tips to help you grow your personal brand on Instagram

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

  1. Find your niche and be clear about your goals

  2. Know and understand your audience and what they expect to see from you

  3. Be authentic – don’t try and be someone else

  4. To build a more impactful personal brand, establish a brand DNA (including fonts, colour pallet, tone, imagery style, messaging) and don’t stray from it

  5. Build brand recognition by being consistent with your branding across all your channels/media and ensure content aligns with the look and feel of your branding

  6. Consistency and frequency are absolutely key when it comes to posting content – post daily to your grid and stories

  7. Engage with your audience by creating content that will promote a response; i.e. frame a question within the caption or use polls or question boxes on stories

  8. Create varied, high quality content including reels, videos, IGTV, feed, user generated content, and follow trends

  9. Tag larger brands that are relevant to your vertical

  10. Like, comment, share – regularly engaging with your followers will help you build an engaged and loyal online community

  11. Respond to comments and DMs. This may seem like a herculean task as your account grows, along with the number of comments and DMs you receive, but it will help to build trust, credibility and loyalty towards your brand

  12. Think ahead by planning and scheduling content in advance – there are free scheduling tools available

  13. Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags – between 3 and 5 is the optimal number

  14. Get personal by sharing snippets of your life – anything you are comfortable in sharing will help your audience to get to know you and will help build trust and loyalty

  15. Use Analytics to monitor your performance – understanding what works and what doesn’t will help you plan future content and campaigns

Looking to launch your own-brand but you don't have the cash flow, or expertise?

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