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Filming tips for fitness content creators.

A female fitness trainer lifting a barbell in the gym.

Want to film your workouts like a pro? Are you a newbie fitness creator just starting out and wondering about gym etiquette when it comes to filming?

8 things for fitness creators to consider when filming in the gym:

Ask permission: First, make sure it’s ok to film in your gym - get permission first or check out the vibe. If you’re filming multiple workouts, find out if you can get out-of-hours access or choose a time when it’s quiet.

Choose the right equipment: Use the best quality camera or smartphone that’s within your budget, making sure it has stable video capabilities. Use a tripod to minimise shaky footage and if you're providing a voiceover, use a small microphone.

Have a plan: If you’re not used to filming, it might compromise the quality of your workouts, so set specific filming days aside until you get used to the process and just film a couple of reps of per exercise. To maximise the time you have, before hitting the gym, have a clear plan of the exercises you want to film.

Privacy and consideration: Respect the privacy of other gym-goers and avoid getting them in-shot or ask for their consent if they inadvertently appear.

Utilise different angles: Film various camera angles to provide a comprehensive view of each exercise and a clear demonstration of form and technique. Use close-ups to highlight specific muscle engagement and wider shots to show the full range of motion.

Mind the lighting: Lighting is important so, if possible, film in a gym with natural lighting or use a ring light. Avoid filming directly against bright lights, as this can cause overexposure and be mindful of shadows.

Maintain consistent branding: Establish a recognisable style for your videos. This could include a specific intro, logo, colour scheme, or editing style. If you’re filming for a workout programme over more than one day, wear the same or similar colour clothing. Consistent branding helps viewers to easily identify your content and builds trust.

Edit for engagement: Once you have your footage, edit down the videos to a couple of reps per exercise and angle and cut out any unnecessary sections or pauses. You may want to add graphics or text overlays to highlight key points or add music.

You might feel a bit awkward filming at first and the finished footage may not be as polished or as perfect as you want it, but be patient, keep going and it will soon become second nature. Remember, practice and patience leads to progress.

If you found these filming tips for fitness content creators helpful follow @ghawp_ for more tips.

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