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Do Hashtags still work for Instagram? Top do's and don'ts to increase engagement.

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

In short yes! Using hashtags is a way of indexing content so your content can be found by more people, therefore increasing engagement and extending your reach. And by using hashtags that are well-researched and relevant to your content and brand, means your posts are seen more by your target audience. And this is the audience that is interested in your content/brand/business/products/services.

However, be strategic when using hashtags and follow these top tips to help your content being found:

Hashtags Do’s

  • Make sure the hashtags you use are relevant to your brand/content

  • Check which hashtags your audience uses

  • Keep them in the caption

  • Be specific and focused and stick to between 3 and 5*

  • Create your own-branded hashtag

  • Research hashtags and create a list in your notes app, ready to add to your posts

  • Check your insights to see what’s working and learn and adapt

Hashtags Don’ts

  • Don’t use hashtags that having nothing to do with your content or brand

  • Don’t use overly generic hashtags e.g. #instagram – you will never be found

  • Don't use hashtags that are too popular; if a hashtag has over a million posts associated with it, your post will never been seen

  • Don’t be repetitive; using the same hashtags for every post will mean your content will be penalised by the algorithm

  • Don’t add too many; whilst you can add up to 30, this won’t help with additional distribution

  • Don’t add generic hashtags to your bio, anyone clicking on it will be directed away from your page

* To note, Instagram has recently advised that between three and five hashtags is the optimum number to use, however if you have found a number that works for you, keep doing it.

As a final point, remember that hashtags are a useful and free marketing tool that can help your content be seen by the right people, but they are no replacement for

engaging and good quality content.

Do you need help?

If your end game is to take ownership of your career and launch your own brand, but you need help in growing your audience and increasing engagement, we can help you. Contact us today to arrange an informal chat - we'd love to speak to you,

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