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12 ideas on how to repurpose your content

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Repurposing content, also known as content recycling, is a great way to get the most bang for your marketing buck and get your content seen in front of a new audience or across multiple platforms. There are so many things you can do with a single piece of content.

  1. Turn long-form content into carousel posts

  2. Curate a series of posts into an Instagram Guide

  3. Read our latest blog on the 6 reasons WHY you should be recycling content..

  4. Curate blogs on a similar topic into an eBook

  5. An article can become a key theme for a podcast

  6. Reformat a blog post into an e-newsletter

  7. Take statistical information to make an infographic

  8. Turn TikToks into Reels

  9. Turn a video transcript into a blog

  10. Screenshot your best Tweets for Instagram

  11. Create Story Highlights out of your best Instagram content

  12. Turn carousels into a series of single posts

There are so many benefits to repurposing content, beyond just saving you or your marketing team time and money, so if you have some gaps to fill in your content plan, go through your Instagram Insights or Analytics to see what content has performed the best, and take something you already have and repurpose it into something new.

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