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6 tips to drive more traffic from Instagram to your website

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

If you are a creator growing your own personal brand, driving traffic to your website from Instagram should be a key part of your marketing tactics.

Following these tried and tested tips

Tip 1. Add a Link in Your Instagram Bio.

This tactic is the most effective way of directing traffic from Instagram to your website, product pages, latest blog, YouTube video etc. Utilise free tools such as Linktree and add multiple links from one landing page.

TIP 2. Utilise Instagram Stories Link Stickers. Any user with a Business or Creator account can share external links direct from Stories. It’s an effective way to get more clicks to your website or other external media.

Tip 3. Add a Call to Action (CTA) to Your Posts and Reels. Have a clear written or verbal CTA and direct followers to your link in bio – this is a great conversion tool, particular in Reels.

Tip 4. Package Your Best Stories into Highlights.

Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, so give your most clicked Stories more visibility and a boost in traffic, by adding them to your Highlights.

Tip 5. Invest in Instagram Ads.

With a clear strategy, paid ads are a sure-fire way to reach more users and drive more traffic from Instagram to your website or other featured media.

Tip 6. Collaborate With a Creator in Your Niche.

Working with other creators is a great way to reach a new audience and amplify your message. When creating content, ask them to use clear CTAs and Link Stickers to send followers to your website.

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